COVID-19 in Kendari City: Dissemination, Dynamic (Projection) Model and Regional Resilience.

Live Broadcast in the National Seminar on COVID-19 Projection in Kendari City. Watched by 90% of Kendari City residents live (About 300 thousand people), both via TV Kendari Live, Kendari City Youtube Channel and Kendari City Facebook.

Kendari, May 22, 2020 (13: 15-14: 45 WITA)

Webinar in the 56th Anniversary of Jakarta State University

“COVID-19 System Dynamics : Characteristics, Ending of Projection, and Strengthening of DKI Jakarta Region”

Research Result : System Dynamics COVID-19 in Indonesia.

Research conducted to estimate the peak of COVID-19 in Indonesia. Research taking into number of population, provinces vulnerability, mobility due to the economy and contact factors with positive cases. Simulation scenario by combining, alertness, health checks, spraying disinfectant, social distance and stay at home. The Peak Rate is expected from day 80-110 in Business as usually condition.

Live Talk Show : The Power of a System Dynamics Approach in Projection COVID-19 in Indonesia.

Included in the System Dynamics Center Chanel held a Live Talk Show (E-Discuss), with the theme “When is the Peak of COVID-19 in Indonesia”. One day after sharing information on Thursday, April 2, 2020, it was filled by 150 participants who registered to take part in the E-Discuss.

Carrying Capacity Models with a System Dynamics Approach
Development of carrying capacity models with a system dynamics approach. As an example of the development of the Industrial Designation Area in Kendal Regency. Analysis Considerations:

1. Carrying Capacity (Water Availability and Land Availability)
2. Supporting Capacity (Water and Air)
3. Value of Benefits of Environmental Services

System Dynamics Specialist in Indonesia
The series of System Dynamics events organized by the System Dynamics Center. Starting with basic training (philosophy, theory and application), study for specialist classes (Advance Class with respective cases) and Spatial Dynamics. October 18-30 2019.

Inauguration of Doctoral Degree

Inauguration of Doctoral Degree with research of Control Model of Paddy Field Conversion. From the result of simulation scenario of System Dynamics and Spatial Dynamics, the rice field will keep decreasing even though the strategy for LP2B region  owned by Government with community based management is applied.