Widiatmaka, Khursatul Munibah, Irman Firmansyah
Proceedings : Seminar Hasil-hasil PPM IPB 2014, Volume II, Pages 348-362, ISBN : 978-602-8853-22-4
Publication year: 2014


There is actually high dependency of Indonesia on food production of Java Island. The overall aim of the research is the land-use planning of rice production region of Karawang. This paper presents the first and second year research, limited on the published results. The analysis conducted in the overall research were spatialization of land characteristics, land use and land cover analysis, land suitability analysis, sustainability analysis and modeling of dynamic systems. The results of the analysis are interpreted and presented separately in several national and international publications. The research results included some of benefits. First, there is spatial inventory of land resources with all of its attributes including physical, chemical and soil fertility. Second, obtaining the spatial distribution of land suitability for some food crops with their limiting factors. Third, knowing the relationship between the dynamics changes of land use and land cover in the food production system and the elements that compose the system.Fourth, obtaining the result of sustainability analysis of food crops systems and its sensitive elements, which are useful for the preparation of the necessary actions to improve sustainability. Fifth, the establishment of the model, with accompanying scenarios which are useful for food security planning considerations.


  • Land characteristics and land quality
  • land suitability
  • food crops
  • land use and land cover
  • sustainability
  • dynamic system modeling