Paulus C.A., Damianus Adar, Yahyah, Rayzcha M. I. Hotty, Eddy Rusdiyanto, Firmansyah I.
RJOAS: Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences
Publication year: 2023


Freshwater fish aquaculture has long been a part of the community business in Kupang City. The problems of freshwater fish aquaculture are becoming increasingly complex. At least five aspects are involved: ecological, economic, social and cultural, institutional, and infrastructure and technology. A brief assessment of freshwater fish aquaculture was conducted to see the interrelationship of the 5 aspects consisting of 45 factors. This study aims to assess the index and sustainability status of freshwater fish aquaculture based on the five aspects of sustainability. Research method stages: 1) preparation of locations and respondents, 2) data collection using survey methods with interview techniques used to obtain related data, 3) data analysis using multi-aspect Sustainability Analysis which will describe the level of sustainability of freshwater fish aquaculture based on aspects and attributes developed, 4) The results of the analysis of the sustainability of freshwater fish aquaculture which is in a fairly sustainable condition (tends not to continue) need to be done business management strategies through two scenarios (realistic and ideal) of sensitive factors of freshwater fish aquaculture. The results obtained showed that the sustainability status of freshwater fish aquaculture in Kupang City is sustainable with an index of 67.22%. In order to increase the sustainability status to be very sustainable, scenario 1 was selected, namely the realistic scenario with improvements in 10 sensitive factors to increase the sustainability index to 76.51%.


  • Multi-aspect sustainability analysis,
  • freshwater fish,
  • aquaculture,
  • Kupang City.