Vidya Mar’atusholikha, Irman Firmansyah, Hamzah Hamzah
Journal of System Dynamics
Publication year: 2020


Pollution is a human problem in the present and a problem in the future of human life. Household waste and industrial waste without adequate treatment then flow into waterways, rivers and coastal waters have a significant impact on flora and fauna in the water. Domestic waste, especially increasing Biological oxygen demand (BOD) can reduce dissolved oxygen, which causes anoxic conditions. The system dynamics approach was used by simulating time series data related to BOD pollution in waters from all provinces in Indonesia. Scenarios that can be done to reduce BOD are optimistic scenarios. In the optimistic scenario, it can improve the index by 0.28 while in the moderate scenario reduce the index by 0.15. In an optimistic scenario, 2045 is included in the good category.


  • Anoxic,
  • Biological oxygen demand,
  • waste,
  • system dynamic,
  • scenario moderat,
  • scenario optimistic