Budi Sumantri, Siswoyo Haryono, Irman Firmansyah
Jurnal of Research and Opinion
Publication year: 2020


The application of SNI is indeed to accelerate and facilitate the managing agency in assessing market performance, but in actual conditions in the SNI field, it still needs to be detailed because each criterion still has standards that must be met in more detail. The purpose of this study was to analyze the performance value of the Tempuran Public Market, Magelang Regency based on SNI and the detailed status for sustainability with Multidimensional Scaling (MDS). MDS analysis is used to assess the status of successful implementation and market sustainability. The result of the current combat market value status based on SNI was 56.32 while based on MDS detailing, it was 46.32 and after weighting, it became 45.17. Status improvement was carried out with various scenarios for a detailed MDS assessment. Optimal scenarios in the short term could be increased to 54.76, so that this increased the status from less sustainable (unfavorable) to sustainable (good), whereas if the overall important factor policy was applied it could be increased to 72.17. The policy scenario of the Tempuran Market management was to prioritize economic aspects, technical aspects and other aspects followed. Leverage factors from each of these aspects included increasing revenue from market management and digitization, technical management specifically for meat storage, security and community management, parking management and market cleanliness management.



  • traditional market
  • indonesian national standard
  • multi dimensional scalling