Dr. Irman Firmansyah, S.Hut, M.Si

I was born in Bogor on April 24, 1981. I completed my the Doctoral Degree (S3) in 2016, majoring in Environment Management Programme Study (PSL-IPB) with System Dynamics and Spatial Dynamics Land Use research. Since 2007, I have been active as a lecturer in several public and private universities, specializing in System Dynamics and Environmental Science. Moreover, I am also the Chairman of System Dynamics Center that is often asked to be the key speaker in various Ministries and regional institutions.

In Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), I teach actively doctor (S3) degree class at postgraduate program of economics of tropical marine resources (ESK-IPB). The subject I teach is Economic Policy in Sustainable Development of Marine. While for Post Graduate class – PSL-IPB, I teach subject of System Dynamics and Environmental Impact Analysis. As the Expert of systems dynamics, in 2015 I was entrusted to be the Business Development Manager of Powersim Software for Indonesia. Besides teaching since 2013, I have been proposed by the Post-Graduate PSL-IPB as a resource person for Technical Advisor Research and Consultation in System Dynamics.




  • Present2017

    Certification Assesor EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)

    LSP-LH (Compentency Certification Organization). No. Certificate. 93000 2419 0053105 2017

  • Present2012

    Certificate Assessor EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)

    PPLH-IPB. November 2012. (PPnA. Ps. 35.2012)

  • Present2017

    Certification Team Leader for EIA

    LSK-LH (Compentency Certification Organization) No. Certificate. 74909 2133 7 0000197 2017

  • Present2007

    EIA Certificate

    Bogor Agricultural University

  • Present2011

    Certificate ISO 14001:2004 & Environmental Auditor

  • Present2011

    Certificate QMS ISO 9001:2008 & Quality Plan