Dr. Irman Firmansyah, S.Hut, M.Si

Expertise in system dynamics and spatial dynamics. Completed the Doctoral Degree (S3) in 2016, majoring in Environment Management Study Programme (PSL-IPB) with System Dynamics and Spatial Dynamics Land Use research. Graduated Master of Science in 2007 in the same Study Programme with System Dynamics research for Environment, while graduating with a Bachelor of Forestry (social economy) in 2004 at the Faculty of Forestry IPB. Since 2007, active as a lecturer in several public and private universities, specializing in System Dynamics and Environmental Science. Moreover, also the Head of System Dynamics Center that is often asked to be the keynote speaker in various Ministries and regional institutions.

In IPB University, teach actively doctor (S3) degree class at postgraduate program PSL-IPB teaches subject of System Dynamics. As the Expert of systems dynamics, in 2015 entrusted to be the Director of Powersim Indonesia (Powersim Software). Besides teaching since 2013, proposed by the Postgraduate PSL-IPB as a resource person for Technical Advisor Research and Consultation in System Dynamics. Starting in 2012 manage Triwala Group for training, consulting and technology information. Currently active as chairman of the Indonesian System Dynamics Expert Association in the period 2020 – 2025.




  • Present2017

    Certification Assesor EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)

    LSP-LH (Compentency Certification Organization). No. Certificate. 93000 2419 0053105 2017

  • Present2012

    Certificate Assessor EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)

    PPLH-IPB. November 2012. (PPnA. Ps. 35.2012)

  • Present2017

    Certification Team Leader for EIA

    LSK-LH (Compentency Certification Organization) No. Certificate. 74909 2133 7 0000197 2017

  • Present2007

    EIA Certificate

    Bogor Agricultural University

  • Present2011

    Certificate ISO 14001:2004 & Environmental Auditor

  • Present2011

    Certificate QMS ISO 9001:2008 & Quality Plan

  • Present2019

    Certificate Diving by SSI International

    SSI Certificate (741116R5636294182387-ID) by Department Of Marine Science & Technology IPB University